In 2018, the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation made a lead commitment of $50M to support the City of Buffalo and the surrounding community to transform the former LaSalle Park into a world-class destination. The conservancy is a not-for-profit organization created to work in partnership with the City of Buffalo to operate, maintain, and promote the public use of Ralph Wilson Park, a 100-acre park located on the shoreline of Lake Erie within the City of Buffalo. They approached 19 Ideas to help develop a logo for the conservancy that would establish a distinct and memorable visual representation of the conservancy and the park. 

Our solution was an approachable, modern, and playful take on what the park would represent. Using strong lines that intersect to form individual shapes reinforced the idea of community and inclusivity. The unique shapes themselves represent the individual aspects of the park and nature. One main element of the project would be the building of the bridge that would connect the west side of Buffalo to the park itself. We used the proposed shape of the bridge as our visual foundation.

The logo helps capture the vibrancy of the park and the inclusivity of enhancing the community.

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