As a designer, I’ve always tried to leverage my skill set and curiosity to enhance the value of the products and brands that I’ve worked on. Having been involved in teams that have worked on enterprise global benefits products to visual identity systems to broadcast commercial animations, I’ve consistently made an effort to be a varied contributor to help drive brand awareness and provide value. Occasionally, I try and make it funny. 

As a visual designer, I focus on narratives that connect experiences among people with compelling and emotional content that resonates with viewers.

I enjoy making animated visual essays focusing on people's personal experiences. I recently had a short film (Where's Mommy) chosen to be screened at the Buffalo International Film Festival. It's been a semi-finalist in several other festivals and won the best micro-short at the International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo.

I'm a bedroom guitar player who only learns the best parts of songs. I'll watch any Marvel movie if it's on tv, no matter how many times I've seen it but I do love a really well-made dark comedy (Parasite, American Werewolf in London, Shaun of the Dead ...). I don't binge-watch but can't get enough of streaming shows (The Bear, Silicon Valley, Fleabag, Halt and Catch Fire, Mad Men ...) I used to inline skate but failed at snowboarding. I used to run but now I bike, and it's faster. I'm a fairly optimistic person who enjoys spending time with his family. 
Awards & Other Boasts
Where's Mommy
- 2021 Best Micro Short Winner - International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo
- 2021 Finalist - Toronto Independent Film Festival of CIFT
- 2021 Official Selection - Buffalo International Film Festival
Lexington Co-op Animations
- 2022 Gold Addy - Animation, Special Effects or Motion Graphics

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