Jarek Pulit
Senior Digital Designer at 19 ideas in Buffalo, NY
Animator, Motion Designer, Illustrator, UX Designer
As a designer, I work in a visual narrative through digital products designed to have a direct emotional and meaningful impact on viewers. I strive to communicate and connect experiences amongst people through visual storytelling.
I'm always learning and constantly iterating.
I love making animated visual essays focusing on people's personal experiences. I recently had a short film (Where's Mommy) chosen to be screened at the Buffalo International Film Festival. It's been a semi-finalist in several other festivals and won the best micro-short at the International Cosmopolitan Festival of Tokyo.
I'm a bedroom guitar player who only learns the best parts of songs. I'll watch any Marvel movie if it's on tv, no matter how many times I've seen it. I used to inline skate but failed at snowboarding. I'm a fairly optimistic person who enjoys spending time with his family. 
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