Jarek Pulit

I'm a visual strategist, experience designer, and motion engineer (because, why not?). I'd refer to myself as a design generalist with over 15+ years of experience. Having been involved in teams that have worked on enterprise global benefits products, visual identity systems, and broadcast commercial animations, I’ve consistently made an effort to be a varied contributor and design leader to help drive brand awareness and provide product value. I make an effort to focus on narratives, and stories that help connect experiences among people with compelling and emotional content that resonates with viewers. 
I'm a bedroom guitar player who only learns the best parts of songs. I'll watch any Marvel movie if it's on TV, no matter how many times I've seen it but I do love a well-made dark comedy (Parasite, American Werewolf in London, Shaun of the Dead ...). I don't binge-watch but can't get enough of streaming shows (The Bear, Silicon Valley, Fleabag, Halt and Catch Fire, Mad Men ...) I used to inline skate but failed at snowboarding. I used to run but now I bike, and it's faster. I'm a fairly optimistic person who enjoys spending time with his family. 

Clients I've worked with:
- Amazon One*
- 1800 Contacts**
- New Era**
- Anthem Health***
- John R Oishie Children's Hospital****
- Independent Health****
Through the efforts of these agencies

****19 Ideas
Awards & Other Boasts
Where's Mommy
- 2021 Best Micro Short Winner - International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo
- 2021 Finalist - Toronto Independent Film Festival of CIFT
- 2021 Official Selection - Buffalo International Film Festival
Lexington Co-op Animations
- 2022 Gold Addy - Animation, Special Effects or Motion Graphics

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