Client: NFTA Buffalo
Company: 19 Ideas
Role: designer | illustrator | animator 
Years: 2021
The NFTA had been planning a metro rail expansion from UB south campus to the I-990. They needed a partner in M&T bank to help garner excitement and build support from the local business community with the hope they could commit to state/local funding for the project.  They reached out to 19Ideas to help them develop a  compelling presentation to M&T Bank's newly arrived CEO.
Our approach was to help humanize the story. We used a combination of real and factual characters to create an empathetic narrative for the proposition of expanding the rail. We used NFTA's brand visuals to shape the story and bold/vibrant colors to create stark graphics that helped support the messaging. I helped create a clean visual language with bold/vibrant colors, energetic patterns, and stark 2D isometric illustrations using NFTA's brand to help support the message.
Through the use of bold colors, humanizing tone, striking typography, animation, and strong visuals we helped reflect and refine their brand voice to put forth a compelling story. 

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