I had the privilege of being commissioned by 19 IDEAS to illustrate and animate 18 short scenes, commemorating the life of John R. Oishei, for a touch screen interactive display at the new John R. Oishei Children's Hospital in Buffalo, NY.

Working with the creative director, I ran with their direction and concepts and designed a stylized world that illustrated and complemented the story for each scene in the timeline.

The timeline reflects events throughout the life of John R. Oishei, that had helped shape him into the successful businessman and philanthropist that would eventually found Trico products in the Buffalo, NY area.  
Sampling of character designs
Below are a few of the pieces from the collection.
agency: 19 IDEAS
client: John R. Oishei Foundation
creative director: Amber Rampino
content manager: Theresa Donnelly
developer: Krez Freas
marketing director: Charlie Fashana
illustrator/animator: Jarek Pulit

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